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Refresh and Extend Speed Dry Brush


The Wet Brush® Refresh & Extend Speed Dry® features a unique triple-bristle tehcnology to help keep hair healthy, soft, and shiny. HeatFlex® bristles gently detangle wet or dry strands, plus charcoal infused bristles and ultra-soft TPE strips reduce frizz and improve manageability. The open vented design allows for air to pass through the brush, speeding up drying time and lessening your hair's exposure to heat.

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Exclusive ultra-soft HeatFlex® bristles gently detangle while blow-drying

Charcoal infused bristles remove impurities and excess oils with every stroke, to help extend your style days after washing

Ultra-soft TPE strips, a silicone-like material with anti-static properties, smooths the cuticle to reduce frizz and improve manageability

Open-vented design allows moisture to be removed from the hair faster, expediting drying time

Brush design contours to scalp for extra comfort

HeatFlex® bristles

are blow-dry safe

TPE Strips

Open-vented design