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Beach Waves & Tight Curls Round Brush

The BreakFree™ Beach Waves Round Brush is the fastest way to aceive texture and loose waves with less pain, effort, and breakage. The unique 7-inch rectangular barrel provides endless styling possibilities. HeatFlex® bristles bend and flex through hair preventing pulling and snagging. A proprietary VitaBoost® complex is infused into the barrel to enhance styling performance.
Free Shipping On $40+ Orders

Exclusive HeatFlex® bristles bend and flex to effortlessly detangle with less pain and breakage while you style

Polished nylon bristles increase tension

Unique 7-inch rectangular barrel

VitaBoost® complex infused barrel

Ceramic barrel emits negative ions for shiny, frizz-free styles

Create textured waves by twisting the brush while blow-drying

- Change the angle of the brush to create different textures

- Finish each section with a blast of cool air to set style and lock in shine"

HeatFlex® bristles


Ideal for creating beach waves