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Our Story

Launched in 2005, the revolutionary Original Detangler solved a universal problem - liberating hair from the pain and strain of tangles. Overnight, the hair experience was transformed for all ages and hair types - and this problem-solving philosophy has inspired our broad range of innovative, technology-forward hair products.


Championed by pros from the outset, Wet Brush was quickly adopted by their clients - igniting a global craze and a loyal consumer base. This organic multi-generational community continues to grow through a genuine love of our brushes, the exceptional experience and result of using them, and their trend-forward colors, prints, and limited-edition collections.


From solving the struggle of detangling, we’ve gone on to create solutions to endless hair challenges - and it’s this dedication to revolutionizing the hair experience that continues to drive us.

Our Promise

To elevate the everyday with fun and functional products that transform your hair experience.

What we stand for