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Plush Brush Detangler

Meet the plush brush, the brush the kids can't resist! This brush is specifically designed to encourage detangling fun. The handle is shaped to fit comfortably in a child's hand while the exclusive Intelliflex® bristles glide through tangles with 45% less damage and 55% less effort. Plus the huggable, plush character is removable and machine washable! The result: 100% happy hair and kids.
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Exclusive ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles glide through tangles on all hair types with ease

Minimizes pain and protects against split ends and breakage*

Lets you brush with less force, so you can detangle with less damage to your hair**

*Independent clinical trials show IntelliFlex® bristles are less damaging than a traditional styling brush

**Independent clinical trials show IntelliFlex® bristles use less force than another leading detangling brush

Use on wet or dry hair

Works wonders on all hair types

Do not use with a blow-dryer. For styling with blow-dryer, use one of our Speed Dry® brushes

IntelliFlex® bristles 45% less breakage 55% less effort

Ideal for detangling

All Hair Types