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Care for Your Scalp: How-to Clean Your Wet Brush in 5 Simple Steps

Care for Your Scalp: How-to Clean Your Wet Brush in 5 Simple Steps

Are you cleaning your Wet Brush Original Detangler regularly? Did you know that hair brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria, dandruff, yeast and more? All of these can be harmful to your scalp and hair health. 

*Inserts gag response 🤢*

Don’t worry, this how-to will save you from any more brush horror stories and anxieties.

It’s Time for a Brush Clean ⏰

How often should you clean your Wet Brush? This depends on the amount of product you use in your hair. It’s advised that you clean it weekly if you regularly use styling creams, gels, or hairspray. If not, every 2-3 weeks will be just fine.

If you aren’t already giving your hair brush this kind of TLC, it’s never too late to start! You can clean your Wet Brush in just five simple steps.

P.S. These cleaning hacks work for all of our other brushes too!

Step 1: Get the hair outta there 🗑️

First things first, you need to get all of the hair or fuzzies out of your Wet Brush?. Use a pick comb, brush cleaner, or your fingers to loosen and pull any larger pieces of build-up from the bristles of the Wet Brush. You can dispose of these hair strands in the trash can.

Step 2: Give your brush a bath 🛀

Treat your brush to a bubble bath and your scalp will thank you later. Fill a bowl, jar or sink (depending on your brush size) with warm water and add a dollop of dish soap, mild neutral detergent, shampoo or body wash. Dip and swirl the cushion of your brush around for about three minutes. You can allow it to soak for a few hours for maximum cleaning.

Step 3: Brush the Brush 🧼

After wiping your brush dry with a clean cloth, you may see excess debris still. In this case, brush your brush! Use a small toothbrush to scrub in between the bristles and make sure you get the rest. Feel free to add a little shampoo to the toothbrush and rinse again for deeper cleaning.

Step 4: Dance and Dry 💃

*Sparkle, sparkle*

Your brush is looking FLAWLESS by this point. It’s time to shake out any excess water over the sink. But, this is also the perfect opportunity to dance, shake and shimmy – cleaning your Wet Brush? is fun! Once you’ve danced your brush dry, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 5: Resting Brush Zen Energy 💆‍♀️

After a day of rest, bubble baths and relaxation, your brush is in full zen mode. Before using, place the cushion/bristle-side down on a clean, dry towel until it air-dries completely.

New Beginnings for an Old Brush ✨

We hope this how-to taught you how to spice up the start of your Wet Brush cleaning and care. Your brush has been given a new life and your scalp and hair will reap the benefits now too. For best results, we recommend replacing your Wet Brush every 6 months. This is an easy excuse to try a NEW Wet Brush pattern, color or brush type. Happy brush cleaning friends!

Are you a Wet Brush newcomer? Welcome! Feel free to get started by checking out our collection of original detanglers. 

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